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Jantastic 2016

Jantastic 2016 Featured

31 Jan 2016

San Diego Derby Dolls - Jantastic 2016

This is the second annual All-Star tournament Jantastic at the Doll House and a major congratulations to My Little Ponies for their second championship win.

Again this year I went and shot for fun on one of the two day event. Before the tournament I created a short promo video for the San Diego Derby Dolls, The music is from Really Slow Motion was actually cleared and license paid for, who was very helpful in the process.  

For this shoot I was shoulder mounted most of the time and rigged up an tethered trigger for recording. With this I could toggle the recording without having to reach up to the camera to press the record button. I also put together a desktop computer inside a pelican case. Since I didn't have the time to integrate a monitor inside the case I used my Surface 2 RT as controled the desktop with remote desktop. Over all worked very well, only exception is that Redcine X couldn't run since opengl was not supported over remote desktop.

In all I shot just under 1TB of footage. I've pulled a number of still snapshots from the footage and included the HD version here. If you want the full resolution image please feel free to contact me through my site's contact form,



Check out the two highlight videos from Jantastic:

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